Who are we?

Curators, scholars & enthusiasts, how did it start?

With a career dedicated to consulting, entrepreneurship and design, Françoise Novel, trained in architecture and business, has maintained her passion for contemporary designers and architects. Her student loan was even used to acquire her first iconic pieces. For her children, young adults, who are moving in, she imagines the leasing solution to allow them to benefit from the use and easy change of the most beautiful furniture.

She then met Franck Mallez. Entrepreneur in the fields of communication and finance, aesthete and passionate about architecture, he spends his free time following in the footsteps of the great designers of the 20th century (Gio Ponti, Charlotte Perriand, Luis Barragan and Le Corbusier in particular) around the world. They created YOURSE and invented the first subscription offer to iconic and authentic furniture, re-edition and second hand, thanks to the support of the most important high-end publishing houses.


The ambition of Yourse's circular service is to share in the long-term use of durable and premium parts designed to last, and made according to the rules of art and innovation by the best European companies and workshops. The subscription model serves this search for positive impact and circularity of premium products. The service and experience allow responsible consumption for the generations involved and concerned, to avoid waste and pollution. Yourse is involved in the results of the sustainable development protocols of certain partners, in eco-design or transformation, in terms of sourcing materials, high-end know-how, distribution processes, repackaging and recycling.

Yourse offers an innovative vision and a new experience of design and decoration to private individuals and professionals, making the 20th and 21st centuries timeless creations accessible and shaking up the design furniture world to adapt it to new uses.