Vitra is dedicated to developing innovative products and concepts in collaboration with renowned designers. Developed in Switzerland, these products are distributed worldwide to architects, companies and private individuals, who use them to furnish work spaces, homes, stores and public places. Vitra's classics are part of the innovative design history of the 20th century. Today, too, the company seeks to combine its technical and design expertise with the creativity of contemporary designers to constantly expand the boundaries of design.

Vitra has been a family-owned business for eighty years and has an ongoing relationship with its customers, employees and designers. The company is known for the longevity of its products, its sustainable growth, and the quality and power of its design.

Vitra is also the Vitra Campus, designed by leading international architects, the Vitra Design Museum with its design and architecture exhibitions, the design archive and the extensive furniture collection. The company has succeeded in creating an atmosphere conducive to innovation that inspires visitors and stimulates the design process.

The Vitra Home Collection consists of furniture, lighting and accessories for the home. It includes famous classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair and the Panton Chair, as well as a large number of creations by contemporary designers. The collection is designed as a collage, based on the principle that a living interior is not built in one piece, but acquires character through the mixture of old and new, high and low tech, classic and contemporary elements.

For over fifty years, Vitra has been developing functional and innovative office furniture with a convincing aesthetic. The importance of the office has grown steadily over the years, with intelligently designed workspaces playing a decisive role in the success and identity of a company. Together with its customers, Vitra creates tailor-made concepts that combine the increasing demands of everyday life - such as acceleration, technical progress and social change - with the specific culture of the company concerned.